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Raisa bar
menu - morning - Raisa bar Restaurant in Jaffa, Tel Aviv

menu - morning - Raisa bar Restaurant in Jaffa, Tel Aviv


Small Bites

Jerusalem style bagel served hot with carrot cream
18 ₪
"Har bracha" tahini
16 ₪
16 ₪
"Tulum" Turkish cheese
18 ₪
Moroccan carrots
16 ₪
Labane cheese with za'atar
16 ₪
10 ₪
Homemade chili paste
8 ₪
Spicy peppers & garlic in olive oil
14 ₪
Roasted tomatoes with salty cheese
18 ₪
Bakes sweet potatoes with sour cream
16 ₪

From the Market

56 ₪
Roasted cherry tomato, eggs
sunnyside up, mozzarella, tzaziki, spicy salad, mini pita
Asparagus a la plancha
48 ₪
On Moroccan bread,
lamb bacon, parmesan, eggs sunnyside up, spicy salad
Romanian style bagel
58 ₪
with eggs in a basket,
tahini, tzaziki, pepper salsa, spicy salad
The best fries in Jaffa!
28 ₪
Soft on the inside,
crispy on the outside. We also have dutch fries
Fried Mozzarella
32 ₪
with pepper vinaigrette
Eggplant Masabacha
38 ₪
A stew of eggplant and tahini,
black lentils, fried tinkerbell peppers, pepper paste,
fried onions, hot peppers
Tomato Plate
38 ₪
Cherry tomatoes, roasted tomatoes,
herbs, kalamata olives, walnuts, almonds,
sheep cheese
Taboule Salad
42 ₪
Bulger wheat, black lentils, cranberries,
sweet potato, walnuts, pistachio, herbs & orange juice
Fried Cauliflower
44 ₪
Black tahini, onions with sumac,
green chili paste, pepperoncini, parsley

From the Fisherman

Shrimp Bites a la Plancha
34 ₪
Herb yoghurt,
onion chimichurri
Crispy Calamari
58 ₪
Sweet peppers, spicy aioli
Jaffa Fish Taco
58 ₪
Fish tartare, roasted eggplant,
parsley, mint, basil, almond, radish, sour cream, chili
Fish Filet
88 ₪
Labane cheese with pistachio,
roasted tomatoes, red onion, thai okra, herbs
Fish & Chips
78 ₪

From the Butcher

Lamb Cigar
52 ₪
Filled with a stew of lamb,
swiss chard, pine nuts, ras al hanout
Burger & Fries
66 ₪
Double Burger
86 ₪
Toppings: Lamb Bacon 14 NIS / Cheddar
Cheese 8 NIS / Fried Egg 8 NIS
Chicken schnitzel
58 ₪
Chicken cutlets with dutch fries
Chicken Skewer
78 ₪
Yoghurt with cilantro
roasted tomato, arugula, mint, greek pita
Kebab Burrito
54 ₪
Kebab of lamb, pine nuts & pistachio
on tahini, green chili paste, onion with sumac
Minute Steak
46 ₪
100 gr A la plancha,
mustard, hot peppers
56 ₪
A stew of lamb, pine nuts, pistachio,
herbs and tahini

Long Drinks

Aperol "Lulu"
38 ₪
Aperol liquor, orange juice, grapefruit
juice, white sparkling wine
Made in Greece
38 ₪
Ouzo, fresh mint, cucumber,
lemon juice
Chilly and passion fruit Margarita
38 ₪
Tequila, passion fruit,
lime juice
Moscow mule
42 ₪
Vodka, fresh ginger,
ginger beer, lemon
Jack sparrow
44 ₪
Rum, banana caramel,
pineapple juice, lime juice
Jungle bird
46 ₪
Rum, Campari, passion fruit juice,
pineapple juice, honey water,
lemon juice
Last word
50 ₪
Gin, green Chartreuse, cherry
liquor, lemon juice
Stormy old fashion
58 ₪
Talisker storm - aged single malt,
brown sugar, angostura bitter